The first kart was built in 1956 by American engineer Art Ingels and equipped with a lawnmower motor that powered a rear wheel via a bicycle chain. Ingels, who previously built racing cars at Kurtis Kraft, met with great interest with his invention. Imitators of the simple concept quickly found themselves and the first races were held in parking lots. Karts were shown at the Paris Motor Show as early as 1959 and found their way to Europe. In February 1960, the Wiesbaden Automobile Club founded the Go-Kart Club Deutschland (GKCD) and cooperatively affiliated to the Automobil Club Deutschland.Karting is the part of motorsport in which racers compete with small, motorized vehicles called Karts on special karting tracks. In addition, there is also the hobby variant, in which anyone can ride on tracks, which are often in halls, for amusement, driving rental karts. These have about 8-10 hp and reach a speed of about 70 km/h.Due to their simple and light construction, karts are very fast and agile. They can reach speeds of more than 150 km/h. Due to the low centre of gravity only a few centimetres above the road, high cornering speeds are achieved in karting, which leads to a strong physical strain (up to 4 G). Karting is also practiced by children and adolescents.(Source:

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Many confuse, when they talk about "karting", the hobby sport with the professional commitment of motorsport enthusiasts.Professional karting has its origin on the major open-air circuits around the globe. The most famous karting track in the world is probably the Erftlandring in Kerpen, birthplace of the Schumacher brothers and Sebastian Vettel. In the races of the International German Kart Championship, in the runs of the WSK series or the ADAC Kart Masters together with the Academy, the professionals of karting compete, whose path is definitely oriented to advance into formula sport.In a clear demarcation to this, many private individuals rightly have a lot of fun to take on the challenge on the indoor karting tracks. In terms of wording, the same sport is certainly the same, but on the track there are light years in between, comparable to a lawnmower in a duel against a Ferrari. One is a leisure pleasure, the other is a professional sport.This difference is important to see when assessing the performance of the motorsportsmen. Fitness and fitness training, concentration training, data analysis, test drives and so on are the basis for the sport, which is ultimately called motorsport.Colin is a motorsport enthusiast....


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